Top 20 largest asset managing companies in the world

The following list ranks top 10 asset management companies by the AUM (Assets under management).

Rank Company Company Type Ticker AUM (USD) Country
1 Blackrock public BLK 7,9 T USA
2 Vanguard private 7,5 T USA
3 Charles Schwab Corp. public SCHW 7,0 T USA
4 Fidelity private 3,6 T USA
5 State Street public SST 3,3 T USA
6 JP Morgan Chase & Co public JPM 2,6 T USA
7 Crédit Agricole Group public Euronext: ACA 2,5 T
8 Goldman Sachs public GS 2,4 T USA
9 Capital Group Companies private 2,2 T USA
10 UBS public UBS 2,1 T Switzerland
11 PIMCO private 2.0 T USA
12 Amundi public Euronext AMUN 1,9 T
13 BNY Melon public BK 1,8 T USA
14 Allianz public FWB: ALV 1,7 T Germany
15 Edward Jones private 1,5 T USA
16 Prudential public PRU 1,4T USA
17 Morgan Stanley public ST 1,3 T USA
18 Legal & General IM private 1,3 T UK
19 Bank of America public BAC 1,3 T USA
20 Invesco public IVZ 1,3 T USA

This Top asset managers list is compiled on the basis of most recent data reported in Q3 2022 as far as it was available.In total 20 largest asset managers manage over $56,6 trillions of assets. While the top 10 of the lists are managing over $41,1 trillions of assets. The top 3 whales are Blackrock, Vanguard, Charles Schwab and manage $22,4 trillions assets.

USA companies dominating the list with $47,1T assets under management! However, the european “old and traditional” names are still presented with Switzerland, France and Germany and UK.

AUM decrease observations

We see a momentum of decrease in AUMs since the beginning of the year. There are three major factors to this:

  • The market prices of the underlying assets is down up to 20-30% YTD.
  • The fear of recession and drawdown in the markets makes investors more cautious.
  • Fed rates steady reducing the Money Supply suck liquidity that could be used to by investment assets.

The ranking will stay dynamic for sure and it’s worth monitoring what asses manager would perform best in the “permanent crisis” times.

AUM and ranking details

Assets under management (AUM) is the total market value of the investments that listed companies are managing on behalf of their clients. However AUM calculations and definitions vary from company to company.Further more AUM fluctuates daily, reflecting the flow of money in and out of a particular fund and the price performance of the assets. Thus provided the AUM numbers cannot be accurate to the last digit, they are disputable and aging very quickly.

The list is focusing on Discretionary investment management, this means all professional investment management in which investments are made on behalf of clients through a variety of securities and refers to investment decisions being made by the investment manager based on the investment manager’s judgment rather than under the direction of the client.

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